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Network infrastructure is typically part of the IT infrastructure found in most enterprise IT environments. The entire network infrastructure is interconnected, and can be used for internal communications, external communications or both.

We Design, install, implement, configure and maintain robust, reliable and secure network infrastructure with wide variety of technologies based on your requirements and limitations.

- LAN cabling


- LAN over PSTN

- Fibre optics

The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers. IoT enables operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and providing the best experiences for tenants. Accelerating this transformation, Intel offers IoT building blocks that simplify how building systems talk to the cloud and exhaustively analyze building data to uncover new business insights capable of driving real value and greater performance.

Most buildings have some level of intelligence built in, whether HVAC, lighting, or fire safety. But today, it’s possible to get more from building data, and ultimately, make better decisions.

this is being done for all types of buildings—commercial properties, industrial, healthcare, and education—by property owners who are taking advantage of new technologies, mobile devices, IoT, and big data.

-smart lighting

-smart HVAC

-smart Audio-Video

-smart safety & security

-smart energy utilization

Enjoy your every free minutes at hotel’s room with centralized entertainment system. See on-demand movies, play and download millions of music songs in various genres, play games on-demand in many categories whether single or multiple, read E-books and more.

Beware of all the tours, events and offers available and book any of them.

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Where can I find what? What current offers are there? How do I get to my desired store? Customers have this information right at their fingertips in a shopping center app. Indoor navigation as well as other services make the shopping experience more enjoyable and enriching for the customer. Automatic positioning, even in interior spaces, locates the customer on a digital map – enabling easier orientation and navigation. This map can also be integrated into kiosk systems or the website.

There are also a wide range of display options for stores and restaurants. Opening times, photos, information on the product range and contact options increase visibility enormously. Using location based marketing, retailers reach their target group directly: additional purchase incentives can be employed independent of the location and interests of the user, e.g. via push messages and coupons. The "Around me" function provides an overview of all stores in the user's environment.

Get fast and reliable GPS location information of your transportation fleet, remote workers or mobile equipment assets. we offer monitoring, reporting and communications services for you.

Our solutions provide global coverage allowing you to track the location of staff, vehicles, ships, or other assets. Additionally, we can provide the functionality to remotely monitor your vessels, vehicles or industrial equipment for operational performance data.

We provide a cross section of solutions to ensure your ability to track and communicate with your assets anywhere in the world.

Track your vehicles, vessels, field equipment, containers, people (lone workers), compressors, oil field equipment or other fixed or mobile assets

Location tracking by GPS with optional geo-fencing and mapping solutions

Track operational information such as runtime, temperature, security alarms, vehicle doors open/closed, speed, pressure or other parameters

Data Integration – In addition to basic GPS tracking, we can integrate with your vessels, vehicles or other assets to capture other operational information for safety monitoring, trend analysis, cost analysis and management reporting.

Web-Based Mapping Services – We can integrate with your existing mapping solutions or provide you with access to our hosted mapping services that allows you to view your assets and other operational data through a web browser.

Lone Worker Tracking – we provide a variety of options that let you track the location of your staff around the globe to ensure personal safety and provide a means for them to communicate with you. Are options range from handheld satellite phones with GPS to personal trackers and C1D2 certified personal safety systems that can automatically notify you if a worker becomes immobilize in the field or needs to send a distress signal for assistance.

Asset Tracking – For containers, cargo, railway cars or other equipment on the move, we provide a variety of options including battery powered solutions for items that may have no native power source.

Centralized, high speed internet access